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  • lcsd591
    Is has features of a hotel, we is late of, handle staying Shi just front of guest in front Taiwan discuss he with has a girls no ID, whether can let live, front desk of guy anyway is not let live. This also is good of. is next table side do has 2 a yellow hair of girls looks not too serious, suddenly let I worried hotel health no. into room think bed compared short also compared narrow, bathroom of health can't compliment, underground has hair, shower betweenFeel dirty. Fortunately, bedside light is also very attentive, will not affect another person. the price was also good ... breakfast ... There are many wholesale markets around.
  • e01291354
    Well good.
  • ant621
    Good, and the hotel is not quite the same as in the past, like the style of the hotel, living first for the night, stick?
    During the Canton trade fair, and location near the train station, and crowded around, the hotel interior very good, the foreigner was satisfied with, next time will consider staying
  • Ayu214
    Room was clean, location, others OK
  • Lucia ly
    Guangzhou Plannett Hotel Concepts from the market close, space-themed great shower room sound effects are pretty good
  • e00300358
    For others, feedback that can be, should be good location
  • gibalin
    Fashion, service good, next time you will choose
  • e00009068
    Hotel is novel, whole space class of feel also is comfortable of. location words out are is select taxi so also no too not convenient, foreigners too more, live in here pour is himself is like foreigners of. Hotel away from railway station, is near, also has the big clothing wholesale market, walk also on a km. service is good, is has day night call to front desk let next morning wake but is no, victims I sleep had has a hours. first days live of room no what smell, but subsectionTwo days in Exchange for strong plastic smell in the room felt a bit uncomfortable. overall I feel pretty good, next time I go to Guangzhou will also choose Plannett!
  • two two
    Clean and tidy theme is very characteristic feel comfortable with a sense of security and belonging
  • gegeuu
    Hotel is very beautiful, decorating style is new, location, right near work, service good.
  • e00119459
    Times, very good.
  • allan_gao
    Very satisfied with, to my surprise, room facilities, children very much, bed according to the soft and hard like Exchange, breakfast, cost-effective, and next time I go.
  • ling123
    Customer satisfaction, from shoe city, ordering convenience. hotel facilities good, and naozhongqujing as well!
  • amanda92970
    Which is very nice
  • eagle246
    Very nice hotel ... is housing too nervous. foreigners a lot
  • alexyung_666
    Environment and location good
  • dreamsnow_m
    Hotel very unique, the service is super good, many foreigners living here, prices can be, and upstairs there are people in the elevator, the only downside is the bed is too small, there should be only one meter wide, too hard to sleep!
  • janrtyau1018
    Very modern!
  • fulianjie
    Quite a lot, good service, good health condition, breakfast, a satisfactory accommodation
  • sayuri
    Second times live has, although around of environment feel not too security, away from Metro mouth also far, but hotel of environment good, facilities is high-end, breakfast also is rich. only can't accept of is, this found hotel was is central air conditioning, cannot independent into refrigeration, business hot mode minimum also has 27 degrees, can't again adjustable low, is hot is dry, asked front desk also said only is shut has air conditioning open Windows. I think for a between hotel for, central air conditioning too not science has!
  • jinjin2002
    Nice, around too many people in Xinjiang, is the biggest risk.
    Very personal hotel, highly recommended!
    Equipment clean, location is far from the Metro, from jewelry city walking to breakfast is buffet-style early, there are more choices, services are not in place, the room lights button design is good.
  • cuiwen98
    Advanced facilities, bed comfortable, extremely romantic, good value for money.
  • lvyongbj
    Breakfast was about nine, all were taken out,
  • eelovememory
    Has been selected
  • ALAN C.C
    Hotel environment but go's good hotel very unique, the room clean and tidy, light is adequate, restroom is a bit small, area outside the hotel also has a snack of easily ... overall good
  • e00710531
    Great personality hotels, small children
  • Jessise_Dai
    Nice hotel, is the surrounding environment is not suitable for family fun
  • mxmjdj
    Features, bathroom is cute, function is also very nice, staff was very kind. friends will go again.
  • Janet-ping
    End of line!
  • billy
    General General General
  • emma0426
    Great hotel, very good breakfast and service. Recommend to all travellers.
  • duduxu2
    Each time you come and live it, very good! breakfast good. foreigners are particularly crowded.
  • ts646927375
    Very nice hotel!
  • xgsflyer
    Surrounded by garment wholesale market.........
  • Tina-Victor
    Happy fa?ade, and inside is really nice, very clean and comfortable, the room is not very large, shower room is also very good, mostly renovated, very clean, no odor, stuff on the tall, switches are touch screens, bed was a little small, children bed is not very comfortable!
  • Desperate
    Very creative and nice
  • canyxue
    Hotel room is very characteristic
  • ELPage
    New hotel, very quiet, lots of foreigners, just fine
  • aming
    Overall environment is wrong, is a small space points.
  • fantasy614
    Continued to live like
  • ellioot
    Which is very nice
  • ameame1217
    Poor health, less clean.
  • niuma
    Location where is very convenient, the hotel is small but very clean, and astronaut themes are unique. more foreign tourists in the hotel, the overall feeling quite good.
  • cnyege
    Great personalized hotel, room style I like, breakfast is very good, breakfast good, very nice
  • agags
    Very good hotel, very good, hard
  • e02488900
    This is a has problem can solution problem, service attitude special good of hotel! second times live has, first times to live Shi, into has hotel, was told I set of room type arrangements can't has, suddenly on is angry, then they front desk of competent on panic with comfort I with I see a free upgrade of and a added money staying of Super cattle of suite. see I on big Suite satisfaction has, he only explained said is because originally to check out of guest not willing to back has, only led to didn't room to I, also ahead of call to IBut I didn't hear. listen to makes me feel ashamed, angry with him and he has maintained a very good tone and attitude. would like to think so, too, has good hotels like, may your days be full, save room for me on the line! haha!
  • tangyanru
    Hotel very nice, spree is less convenient, the rooms are clean, comfortable, and